repérages is a cooperative European project intended to support freelance choreographers. Initiated in 1994 by Danse à Lille repérages in the meantime is endorsed by 23 institutions from around the world.
Young or established artists as well as new talents are offered a European platform for presenting their works to an international audience: This allows for professional feedback from both organizations and their directors as well as other artists.

Project specs:

Each partner invites a dance company from their respective country to Lîlle to perform a maximally 30-minute-long piece together with other companies.
Every network partner is present in Lîlle during this annually coordinated 5-day presentation. repérages is coordinated by Danse à Lîlle under the direction of Catherine Dunoyer de Segonzac.
Each partner is responsible for bringing at least one company per season so that the chosen company can access an international network of renowned venues and festivals.


All of the choreographers are invited to a 10-day residency together. In 1995 one was held in Dieppe (F), in 1996 in Lîlle, in 1997 in the "Fondation Gulbenkian" in Lisbon, in 1998 in Montréal/Canada, in 1999 in Geneva (CH), in 2000 in Kortrik (B), in 2001 in Tunisia and in 2002 in Porto (P). The residency is meant to bring artists together and create an environment for rehearsing and working together without a competitive atmosphere. To ensure a multi-disciplinary exchange musicians, video artists, dramaturgs and local dancers are also invited. Throughout the residency artists have access to a number of dance studios and stages.