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Project funding for Dance in Germany

A comprehensive overview of funding opportunities for dance projects in Germany: information on awards, research, residencies, training and education, scholarships and grants (for projects, R&D and touring).

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The publication "Independant Performaing Arts in NRW: Arists, Ensembles, Structures. Vol.1" is being issued on the occasion of the 13 th festival of independent theatre in NRW, edited by Heike Lehmke, tanz performance köln

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A publication about dance in North Rhine-Westphalia is issued on the occasion of the first dance platform tanz nrw 07 launched by the NRW Dance Producers Conference.
The brochure tanz nrw aktuell 07 reflects the current dance landscape in North Rhine-Westphalia both culturally and politically and provides information pertaining to its dancemakers.

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The broschure is edited by Heike Lehmek, tanz performance köln, who is a member of the NRW Dance Producers Conference.