pictures of (e)motion

Internationale Festival for
dance, film and new medias

4. and 5th of September 1998

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle
der Bundesrepublik Deutschland &
Kunstmuseum Bonn

Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2 - Museumsmeile Bonn


4. September 1998 - 20h
world premiere

5. September 1998 - 15h
discussion with the artists and producers

5. September 1998 - 20h
public talk with the artists

9. September 1998- 20h
dance film programme

4. Septmber - 13. September
Video proramme by Studio Azzurro

pictures of (e)motion was founded in 1995 in cooperation with tanz performance köln and the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland and has dedicated itself to presenting new artistic worlds resulting from the dialogue between dance and film, video as well as computer technology. pictures of (e)motion offers numerous possibilities of experiencing dance with newest audiovisual technologies. This leads to a fascinating encounter with the dance and its physical quality and electronic, bodiless media.

This year pictures of (e)motion will concentrate on bringing out a world premiere.
Studio Azzurro, a pioneer for European video art, was commissioned to do IL FUOCO, L'ACQUA, L'OMBRA. Together with the composer Giorgio Battistelli, the choreographer Roberto Castello and his company ALDES they will open our senses to a synesthetic, interactive theater experience.

world premiere

A Projekt by
Studio Azzurro (Video art und Interactive Realisation)
Giorgio Battistelli (Music)
ALDES, Compagnia di Roberto Castello (Choreography)

Konception: Paolo Rosa, Fabio Cirifino, Leonardo Sangiorgi, Stefano Roveda
direction: Paolo Rosa
direction asstistance: Davide Sgalippa
Music: Giorgio Battistelli
additional music: Nicola Raffone, Luca Benitucci
Choreography: Roberto Castello
Dramaturgy: Paolo Rosa, Lara Fremder
dramaturgical assistance: Tina Porcelli, Davide Sgalippa
Stage design: Esther Musatti
Interactives Project: Stefano Roveda
Interactive non-linear sound: Giancarlo Storti Gaiani, Davide Pensato
Interactive non-linear video software:
Orf Quarenghi
production manager: Fabio Cirifino
Camera: Riccardo Apuzzo
Cut: Fanny Molteni
Set assistance: Monica Ramirez-Quiriconi
Project coordination: Reiner Bumke, Madeline Ritter
Technical Realisation: Uli Leistner, 235 Media

ALDES - Associatione Luccesse Danza e Spettacolo
Direction: Roberto Castello
Dancers: Alessandra Moretti, Stefania Trivellin,
Rosita Mariani, Stefano Questorio, Roberto Castello

coproduktion by Studio Azzurro with pictures of (e) motion.
supported by: Stiftung Kunst und Kultur des Landes NRW, Europäische Kommission- Programm Kaleidoskop, Instituto Italiano di Cultura Colonia, Kulturabteilung der Italienischen Botschaft


Tarkowskij's films revolve around the discovery of the fantastic dimension in reality. IL FUOCO, L'ACQUA, L'OMBRA is a tribute to this great film poet, who enriches reality with images of the possible and imaginary. In his films he opens up the rich palette of images that nature has to offer from an obscure perspective. The infinite aspects of what is visible are also a main focus for this piece which is subtitled The dance of nature in Tarkowskij's images: Five contextual elements - earth, fire, water, wind and shadow - continually move away from the tangible the more the electronic media used melts together with the dance and the music. . Supported by projections and bodies in motion, a moveable roting platform causes a continual transformation of the performance space. This effect mirrors weightlessness, which is a part and parcel of the element of nature.


The Studio Azzurro from Milan is a pioneer and protagonist in the development and realization of interactive video installations, stage sets and works of art in Europe. Founded in 1982 by Fabio Cirifino (photography), Paolo Rosa (video/film) and Leonardo Sangiorgi (graphics/animation), Stefano Roveda (interactive systems) joined the team in 1995. Since the beginning of the 80s they have produced more than 50 videos and presented numerous projects in venues such as the dokumenta 8 in Kassel. At around the same time they began working with international artists of all areas such as Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Peter Greenaway and Giorgio Battistelli.
In its work Studio Azzurro experiments with spaces on the threshold between the material and the immaterial. The group of artists construct worlds which open the audience´s eyes, and confronted with the unnoticable border between what is natural and artificial, we are able to experience a new dimension of vision and emotion.


Giorgio Battistelli's works for the stage always offer space for the imagination, they are fictive and timeless and allow room for experimentation without losing touch with the work as a whole. He continually searches for open multi-dimensional systems which allow the integration of unforseen and contrasting experiences.
His collaboration with Studio Azzurro began in 1991 with the opera Il combattimento di Ettore e Achille and has continued with numerous projects. In 1992 Battistelli received the 'Siae Prize' for his musical theater piece Kepler's Traum, which was premiered by Studio Azzurro. Since 1996 he has been the director of the Orchestra della Toscana in Florence.


Originally a dancer at the Teatro e danza la Fenice under the direction of Carolyn Carlson, in 1983 Roberto Castello began to choreograph his own pieces, e.g. for Sosta Palmizi. In Enciclopedia (1991)- a series of 30 solos - he developed a language of movement which comments dances of the 20s and 30s humorously, partly on the verge of the absurd. Since founding his company ALDES in 1995, Roberto Castello has continued to work on an expanding level in the area of multimedia combined with dance. For his last production Biosculture he developed a multimedia dance installation which aside from a live performance includes video projections and 3-D animation. His research in this area finds its continuation in collaboration with Studio Azzurro for the world premiere of IL FUOCO, L'ACQUA, L'OMBRA.


Film Foyer
A selection of Studio Azzurro's video work will be shown in the foyer of the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle.

Digital Dances
International artists and producers will discuss the newest developments in multimedia theater and dance productions.
Moderation: Ghislaine Boddington

Following the performance of IL FUOCO, L'AQUA, L'OMBRA on 5 Sept. we would like to invite the audience to a discussion with all artists who were involved.

Die Pictures Rolle

As a reference to previous 'Pictures' screenings we will present a roller-coaster tour of the history of "dancing images" covering six decades of dance films to the present day dance video, which is sure to be full of funny surprises.

Veranstalter: tanz performance köln und Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

tanz performance köln
Geschäftsführung: Madeline Ritter
Mitarbeit: Heike Lehmke

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland:
Direktor: Wenzel Jakob
Forum: Bernd Busch, Annett Müller (Projektleitung)

Künstlerische Leitung: Madeline Ritter
in Zusammenarbeit mit Annett Müller