pictures of (e)motion

International Festival for
dance, film and new media

14. - 18. November 1995

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle
der Bundesrepublik Deutschland &
Kunstmuseum Bonn

Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2 - Museumsmeile Bonn

Theater programme:
Compagnie Pierre Droulers, B
Annebarbe Kau & Ensemble ICTUS, D/B
The Featherstonehaughs, GB

Dance film programme:
Great Britain I - III
Elliot Caplan
Video Art
Highlights, Wildcards, Favourites

Gert Weigelt:
Photos and Video Installation

William Forsythe:

Two years ago the festival MOVING IMAGES took place in Bonn under the artistic direction of tanz performance köln.

This year the program focuses more on dance and media: moving beyond boundaries and genres, performances that are guaranteed to be as innovative as they are unusual invite the spectator to experience the newest trends in contemporary dance and how it is perceived and mirrored in film, music and other artistic and media forms.

Two museums in the city of Bonn will serve as venues. They are especially suited because of their special character and the possibilities they offer the festival, which should be seen in its role of serving as an interface between dance and other art forms: On the one hand the "Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland", which is where one can experience live productions in the "Forum". On the other hand the "Auditorium" of the Kunstmuseum Bonn offers an ideal setting for presenting the film series with award-winning and precedent-setting film and video productions.


14.11.95, 20 h
Compagnie Pierre Droulers, B
(German premiere)

Choreography und Direction: Pierre Droulers
with the dancers
Artistic assitance and Video: Michel François
Dance: Aurélien Desclozeaux, Stefan Dreher, Pierre Droulers, Celia Hope Simpson, Barbara Manzetti, Harry Theaker
assistance to the direction: Xavier Leton
transcription for piano: Baudouin de Jaer, Fabian Fiorini
Music: Thierry de Mey, Chaîne pour deux pianos
sound: Ricardo Castro, Christian Schreurs
stage concept: Michel François, Pierre Droulers, Thibault Vancraenenbroeck, Christine Grégoire
Customs: Sabine Kumeling
Lighting: Xavier Lauwers


16.11.95, 16 h
Film programme Spain

Escenari (German premiere)
1994, 14'
Choreography: Oscar Dasí, Carmelo Salazar
Dance: Bea Fernández, Carmelo Salazar
Direction: Agus Garcia

1995, 10'
Choreography: Mal Pelo
Dance: Pep Ramis, Maria Muñoz
Direction: Jordi Teixidó

Maria Muñoz
1993, 4'30"
Choreography: Maria Muñoz
Dance: Maria Muñoz
Direction: Joan Pueyo

1993, 7'20"
Choreography: Toni Mira
Dance: Toni Mira, Susana Roca, Claudia Moreso, Sergi Ayno, Andreu Bresca
Direction: Carles Solé

1991, 6'
Choreography: Pep Ramis
Dance: Pep Ramis
Direction: Jordi Teixidó

Peix (German premiere)
1994, 8`
Choreography: Àngel Margarit
Dance: L.Lize, A. Navarro, J. Palau, F. Seguette, G. Góngora
Direction: Nuria Font


16.11.95, 17.30h
Film programme Elliot Caplan

Merce Cunningham Documentation
(European premiere)
USA 1995/96, 55´
Choreography: Merce Cunningham
Direction: Elliot Caplan

16.11.95, 20h
Film programme Great Britain I:
Lea Anderson, Victoria Marks, Margaret Williams

Outside in
1994, 15'
Choreography: Victoria Marks
Dance: CandoCo Dance Company
Direction: Margaret Williams

Le spectre de la Rose
1994, 12'
Choreography: Lea Anderson
Dance: Th Featherstonehaughs
Direction: Margaret Williams

1994, 4'10
Choreography: Lea Anderson
Dance: The Cholmondeleys: Teresa Barker, Gaynor Coward
Direction: Lea Anderson

Cover - up (German premiere)
Choreography: Victoria Marks
Direction: Margaret Williams


16.11.95, 20h
Film programme Great Britain II:
Dance for the camera (German premiere)
all Films: GB 1995, 4`30

Choreography: Jonathan Burrows
Direction: Adam Roberts

Choreography: Rosemary Lee
Direction: Peter Andersen
Dance: Tom Evans

Man Act
Choreography: Man Act
Dance: Peter & Simon Brooks, Anthony & George Howell, Philip & Oscar Mackenzie, Simon, Walter Arthur Thorne
Direction: Mike Stubbs

The Storm
Choreography: Aletta Collins
Dance: Etta Murfit, Andrew Titcombe, javier de Frutos

Direction: Tom Cairns

Choreography & Direction: Alison Murray
Dance: Maine Bunting, Garz Chan, Marsha Smith

T Dance
Choreography: teryy John Bates
Direction: John Davies

17.11.95, 16h
Film programme Highlights, Wildcards, Favourites

The Tap Dog
USA 1993, 5`05
Choreography: Dein Perry
Dance: The Tap Dogs
Direction: Stephen Burstow

La Peau
F 1993, 5`
Choreography & Dance: Christian Bourigault
Direction: Gilles Moisset

Le P´tit Bal
F 1993, 3`15
Choreography & Direction: Philippe Decouflé
Dance: Philippe Decouflé, Pascale Houbin

D 1993, 13´
Choreography: William Forsythe
Dance: Frankfurter Ballett
Direction: Fiona Leus

Love Sonnets
B 1994, 30`
Choreography: Michèle Anne de Mey
Dance: Cie Michèle Anne de Mey
Direction: Thierry de Mey


17.11.95, 17.30h
Film programme Animation:

F 1988, 3`15
Pascael Baes
Choreography: Sarah Denizot

F 1993, 5`20
Pascal Roulin

Pas de Deux
Can 1968, 14´
Normand McLaren

Movimentos do Corpo
CAN 1994, 4`39
Wayne Traudt

La Balayeuse
NL 1992, 4`
Janneque Draisma

The Monk and the Fish
F 1994, 6´20
Michel Dudok de Wit

Pas à Deux
NL 1988, 5´30
Gerrit van Dijk & Monique Renault

Feet of song
GB 1988, 5`
Erica Russel

Body Beautyful
GB 1991, 13`
Joanna Quinn

17.11.95, 20 h
Annebarbe Kau, D
ballet blanc
(world premiere)

Video installation to the composition of «Présence« by Bernd Alois Zimmermann
Ensemble ICTUS, B
Compositions by Stockhausen, de Mey und Berio

ballet blanc
Artistic direction and Video installation: Annebarbe Kau
Music: Bernd Alois Zimmermann: Présence (1961)
Technic: Peter Weisse
Musicians: Marianne Schröder, (Klavier), Ulrike Brand (Cello), Egidius Striff (Violine)
Coordination: Alfonso Fratteggiani Bianchi and Prof. Siegfried Palm

Ensemble ICTUS
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Der kleine Harlequin (1995)
Thierry de Mey: Chaînes (1989), Musique de Table (1987)
Luciano Berio: Linea (1973)

18.11.95, 16h
Film programme Video Art:

curated by Annebarbe Kau

USA 1973, 6´
Peter Campus

D 1985, 5´

Jean-François Guiton

Monoloog van Fumiyo Ikeda op het einde van "Ottone, Ottone"
B 1989, 3´
Choreography: Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
Dance: Fumiyo Ikeda
Direction: Walter Verdin

Telling Motions
USA 1985/86, 22`
Bill Seaman

D 1993, 4`39
Katharina Wibmer

Mamas Little Pleasure
D 1984, 5´18
Bettina Gruber, Maria Vedder

D 1988, 3`
Claus Blume


18.11.95, 17.30h
Film programme Great Britain III
Lloyd Newson und David Hinton

Strange Fish
GB 1992, 55`40
Choreography: Lloyd Newson
Dance: DV8 Physical Theatre
Direction: David Hinton


18.11.95, 20h
The Featherstonehaughs, GB

Choreography: Lea Anderson
Music: Drostan Madden
Stage design: Simon Foxton
Lighting: Simon Corder
Dance: The Featherstonehaughs


Gert Weigelt:
Photo exhibition
:Portraits of dancers and choreographers, series of photos Gerhard Bohner, dance posters
Films: Arabesque - eine Autopsie, Opfer - Clip, Impressing Uncle Bill

William Forsythe:
Improvisation Technologies

(in cooperation with ZKM, Karlsruhe)

organizer: tanz performance köln
in cooperation with the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland and the Kunstmuseum Bonn

direction: Madeline Ritter
co-direction: Christian Polep
with: Johannes Schwalb
direction of the Forum: Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Dr. Bernd Busch
direction of Kunstmusums Bonn: Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte
coordination Forum: Annett Maria Müller
coordination Auditorium: Frau Da Nova
technical directionTPK: Keith Ormand
technical direction Forum: Stefan Weyer

with the support of: British Council, Folkwang Institut für Mediengestaltung GmbH, Kaleidoskop, Kölnische Rundschau/ Kölnische Verlagsdruckerei, Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Stiftung Kunst und Kultur des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen