dance roads

dance roads / banc d´essai internationaux was created in 1990 as a European network of dance organizations. Over the past years this dedicated group has continued expanding the possibilities of supporting contemporary dance. In the meantime a core of partners and independent performance venues have come together to encourage an artistic dialog and the international structures within the development of the dance. Taking place bi-annually, the international dance roads tour represents the nucleus of these activities, during which all of the dance companies from each partner country perform together.
Young talented choreographers and their companies are scouting out "dance roads" throughout Europe.

Network partners each choose one professional dance company in their country. In particular "young" choreographers who have drawn attention to themselves with their second or third work are chosen. They are expected to have created a signature style and should show artistic potential in the development of their choreographic work on an international level. The companies perform together during a two-month tour to all of the network's partner countries.

tanz performance köln was a dance roads network partner for 10 years. Over this period of time many young artists, some of whom have in the meantime won international recognition, appeared on the stage of the Alte Feuerwache.
In 2002, tanz performance köln handed over dance roads, then in its 9th year, to Barbara Friedich, director of the Tanztage Berlin. We are happy to have found such a motivated and competent successor. She will continue to manage the project as the German partner on an international level, choosing the German dance roads participant and introducing Berlin as the new German venue for all involved artists and partners.