International Festival for Dance,
Media and Performance Art

26 June - 9 July 2004
Köln, Halle Kalk


d·a·m·p·f plays with the idea of the different stages of steam and the ensuing energy that results from those different (steam) phases.

d·a·m·p·f is also the title of the festival that takes a look at the different phases between dance, media and performance art. tanz performance köln presents an international program and a surprising "new" venue of relaxation and artistic experimentation in cooperation with the Schauspiel Köln.

Art continually must fight to hold its ground, while creating something new - factually and contextually. d·a·m·p·f realizes a conception for the Halle Kalk, which combines an artistic program with the manifold possibilities of this unusual venue. In this combination the potential and charm of this space becomes tangible: for anyone who wants to feel inspired - by art by spaces, into which we project who we are, what our fantasies as well as our fears are.

Starting point for spatial orientation is the body; its ability to experience and remember allows us a unique point of reference. Be it poetic, depressing, stimulating or magical, the program presents contemporary artistic standpoints, that form existing, imagined and transformed spaces. They develop redefined spaces and images and leave the performance to us, the readers of their writings on the wall.

Daily from 5 p.m. on the foyer, the theater of the great hall, as well as Cologne's Kalk quarter offer a plethora of events. The d·a·m·p·f Bar Kalk invites you to be part of a moving and unforgettable festival meeting place.

We hope you have a wonderful time as you work your way through the different phases of steam!


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